Always one step ahead

In 1960 Walter Woll founded a small workshop for metal and steel construction in a garage in Burbach. The family company has grown over the decades – nowadays WOLL Maschinenbau implements engineering projects around the world.

However, WOLL Maschinenbau is also much more than an ordinary family company:

It is a family that has grown up with the company. Its employees not only work in the company but work for the company. Its executives serve customers in a transparent, knowledgeable and committed manner. And last but not least, there is a synergy of engineering artistry, innovative technology and future-oriented automation solutions.

Over the last 60 years many exciting things have happened – join us on our journey through time.

March 1960

Foundation of the “Schlosserei Walter Woll” metalworking shop in Saarbrücken Burbach

Its main tasks include general locksmith services, such as gates, doors, railings, glass and steel facades, smaller welded constructions for industrial customers.


Transformation of the Walter Woll company into “Woll, Meissner & Co GmbH”

In addition to the previous activities, now carried out on a larger scale, welded structures and sheet metal works for industrial customers become increasingly important.


Move from Burbach to Gersweiler to the current operating location at Krughütter Str. 93. At that time, in a small hall (1,000 sqm), office (200 sqm) and 21 employees.


Peter Hirschmann, who later becomes CEO, begins his training with us.


TThe first international project with a contract value of over one million (at the time: 1.86 million Deutsche Marks) is implemented in Belarus.


Our factory hall was extended by 24 metres.


Claudia Woll and Peter Hirschmann become CEOs, alongside Walter Woll.


Our first project to be realised in the USA.


Our manufacturing capabilities were extended with the TRUMPF laser cutter.


Our factory hall was extended by another 30 metres. Our orders included more and more complete machines and plants at home and abroad. The number of employees increases to 46.


Our first project in France is implemented.


For the first time, one of our plants went to Japan.


AAcquisition of a company specialising in assembly automation, SMATEC from Östringen Odenheim (Baden-Württemberg). Renamed RITZ Maschinenbau.

March 2005

Renaming of Woll & Meissner GmbH to Woll Maschinenbau GmbH. With the byname “Sonderlösungen” [custom solutions].


Construction of a new assembly hall including a new technical office.


Purchase of the former Karstadt storage facility (neighbouring building) for the expansion of our assembly and office capacities.


Acquisition of Mikro- und Oberflächentechnik GmbH (MOT), a company to produce wet chemical processing plants for the MEMS and SEMICON sectors.


Founding of the “Familie WOLL Stiftung” [WOLL Family Foundation]. The foundation becomes the main shareholder, shares flow from family members into the foundation, and the foundation thereby guarantees the company’s continued existence.


Award of the German Federal Service Cross with Ribbon given to Walter Woll by Minister of Economics Heiko Maas for Walter Woll’s entrepreneurial achievements and his involvement in Saarland’s handicrafts.


Walter Woll dies at the age of 87.


The number of employees rises to 200.


Christina Woll (3rd generation) joins the company.


Start of the development plan for our expansion.


60 years of Woll Maschinenbau.


Approval of the development plan for our expansion.


Christina Woll and David Seiler become CEOs, alongside Peter Hirschmann. Claudia Woll steps down from the management board.