Life Science

Custom-made solutions at the highest quality standards

In the Life Science sector maximum precision and optimum quality are crucial. Our customers benefit from our many years of experience in the Life Science sector as well as our custom-made automation solutions that meet the highest hygiene requirements of companies from the biotechnology, medical technology sectors, as well as the pharmaceutical industry.

Our industry-specific plant concepts not only ensure economic and optimised production processes but also a high degree of process reliability during the assembly of small parts or complex components.

Extracts from our projects

Automatic line for sterilizing filter cartridges

This is a fully automatic line for sterilizing filter cartridges of different type. The handling is mainly robotic based. The process equipment is designed and manuactured 100 % by WOLL as well. The filter cartridges are flushed, sterilized and dried before finally being packed. We would be happy to find an adequate size of machine for your throughput requirements. 

Technical key data:

Fully automatic
Cycle time: 20 sec. / filter
Cleanroom ISO 7
100% Inline integrity test
Clean design

Semiautomatic filterunit production

Semiautomatic filterunit production. After the manual loading of caps and inner filter tube the melting and welding process is done automatically. The welding force is servo driven and closed loop controlled. The welding distance and thus the product length is 100% inline measured. Fully automated filter production lines at various throughput also available at Woll. Challenge us with your production needs.

Technical key data:

Compact modular design
Servo driven welding force
Different possibilities of processing (force, temperature, distance)
Various products with quick change adapting tools

Media modules

We design, build and document your process fluid modules for preparing, distributing and dosing process liquid. That could either be sterilizing equipment or filling fluid. We do design your individual P&ID in a modular (called container format) way to decrease installation time onsite and to make reasonable pre qualification possible. In other words, the entire path from URS to qualification of the media modules is our competence no matter if it is pharma, medical or consumer business.

Technical key data:

Modular design (“container-format”)
Process value monitoring
(i.e. pressure, temperature, flowrate)
Conditioning temperature, pressure, flowrate, conductance
Media filtration
Piping and welding documentation according to GMP requirements
Material certificates, endoscopic fotos, etc.
Stainless steel

Fully automatic bag production machines (2D and 3D)

We do design and build fully automatic bag production machines (2D and 3D). It could either be double layer foil or foil tube being operated as source material. The use of our modular fully automatic tube confectioning modules and welding of those tube segments into the bag is bringing us to the final step of feeding and mounting of connectors. We have different welding process solutions in our portfolio. Same as either servo driven or pneumatic driven welding force control. Show us your product we show you our process and production solution.

Technical key data:

Cycletime: 3.9 sec./bag
Various bag sizes
With connector assembly
Different welding processes
(permanent heating, pulse heating)
Servo or pneumatic driven
Double layer or tube infeed
Hot stamping / serialization
Flexoprint Integration

Your advantages

are our expertise

By optimising production processes, we increase profitability.

We translate custom-made, innovative concepts into first-class, high-efficiency plants and thereby secure a clear competitive advantage for our customers.

Our plants can be adapted down to the last detail: from a wide range of variants to different production numbers, we create consistent precision.

Using the latest software and advanced components, we provide our customers with maximum benefits.

Our customers have a permanent point of contact who supports them at every stage of their project.

In-depth knowledge and specialised expertise for numerous problems result from many years of experience.


Life Science


For our customers, we create automation solutions for assembly and process steps in the medical and pharmaceutical field. We consider individual requirements down to the smallest detail, so we can always guarantee maximum process reliability, quality and ergonomics.

Hygienic Design

Our plant designs comply with FDA and GMP regulations. Therefore, we meet the need for hygienic designs for machine and plant concepts in the Life Science sector, where the ability to keep materials and surfaces clean is a key concern.

Process integration and process engineering

Thanks to our process expertise, we can always design the most appropriate process solutions for our customers, and we are able to integrate our customer’s processes into the machines’ construction.

Custom solutions

We never offer our customers standard solutions. We offer custom-made automation solutions for every product and thus ensure optimised production processes.

Contact our specialists

We look forward to getting to know you. Our direct contact from the Life Science team will be happy to assist you.